Why students should be blogging

The world of blogging has opened up many opportunities for individuals.

From housewives who have become content creators to new novelists discovered online through the writings on their book.

From the sale of ebooks from poets who may never have been published to business professionals dominating their industry by setting up their online presence.

One of those opportunities is a platform for people, especially students and young adults, to showcase their knowledge, talents and passions.

Blogging allows them to show the world and prospective employers or schools not just their mindset and talent but their hearts and passion in a particular field of interest.

Not every student can follow their dreams

But, not every student or young adult that starts a blog in the hopes of becoming the next doctor, lawyer, teacher, author or horticulturist can afford to study.

What do these individuals do when they reach the stage of needing further education in their field of passion?

Life choices

Many will take a job at the first opportunity to pay the rent and forget their passions, whilst others may choose to continue only voicing their love of a subject on their blogs.

Others may start working and actively save to study in the direction of their dreams.

Some may seek out scholarships like the Marc Zbosch scholarship, in order to take the opportunity to eventually work in the field of their passion.


Today there are a wide variety of scholarships available both nationally and internationally to students and young adults.

You can find scholarships in academics as well as cultural fields.

I was encouraged to see several scholarships in the world of blogging and content creation.

Covid-19 has highlighted the importance of online communities, studies and careers and there will certainly be an increase in the demand for content creation over the next few years.

As many traditional publishing houses start to close their doors and look at online publications brands are slowly understanding the importance of collaboration and advertising with the bloggers in their niche.

How to use your blog to follow your dreams

If you have a student or young adult who is passionate about a particular interest, I would encourage them to start a blog.

The blog will become:

  • Their future cv – a place where they can highlight their knowledge, experience and exposure to professionals in that chosen field. For example, a person who has a passion for cooking may have already worked with several big food brands developing recipes and interviewed some top chefs.
  • An online bio– a place where people, future employers or schools, can find out more about them. This is particularly helpful with regards to scholarships.
  • A means to learn more – as the student researches and writes future blog content they are growing their knowledge on a particular topic and in turn becoming a professional in the field.
  • A networking opportunity– every blog has an accompanying social media account and these allow the blogger to successfully network with brands and businesses and engage with followers. These open opportunities that may not have once been an option for the blogger.


The worldwide web has brought the world closer together and closed the gap on limitations.

With a data provider, mobile phone and the correct mindset the sky is the limit.

If you have a student or young adult with a dream and passion let them start a blog and Google search the relevant student scholarships in their chosen field.


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