The benefits of using a Facebook Ads Agency

We have seen a large shift online over the last few months. Many businesses have shifted their focus to their online audience.

Due to this, we have also noticed an increase in marketing budgets being allocated to bloggers, influencers, Facebook and Instagram Ads and email marketing in an attempt to gain new clients or bring about a larger brand awareness to a product or business .


Does a brand really need to be running ads? Surely they can gain a following of their own.

Facebook Ads

According to Influencer Marketing Hub Facebook has the most sophisticated social media advertising network.

Because of this every business should have Facebook advertising within their marketing strategy.

A business however can find it incredibly difficult to grow an online audience with an organic reach without running regular Facebook Ads.

To minimize the confusion and maximize time saved, several businesses turn to a Facebook Ad Agency

What is a Facebook Ad Agency ?

What exactly is a Facebook Ad Agency?

A Facebook Ad Agency would be an advertising or marketing agency that focus on assisting their clients to run ads for their business on Facebook.

Why you should use a Facebook Ad Agency

There are many benefits to using an agency to run and monitor the reach of your Facebook business Ads.

One of the biggest being cost.

  • Facebook Ad agencies have the benefit of being able to hire specialists in such things as video production, copywriting and graphic design in order to create high quality advertising for your products, brand or business. Trying to co-ordinated these skills, especially as a small business could become costly.
  • No need to hire or train specialized staff to run your advertising if you outsource to an experienced Facebook Ad Agency. You also have the benefit of their knowledge to report your ROI and statistics back to you, along with their skill at delivering competitive advertising targeted to highlight your brand at it’s best.
  • Using an Agency also allows you the knowledge of knowing that even if an employee is ill or has a family emergency, your business will still be attended to. Ad agencies work in teams and this allows you stability and predictability when it comes to your expectations with regards to deadlines being reached and reports due. Allowing you the time to focus on the parts of your business that require your attention.
  • Because you have a team of experts working on your marketing strategy with a diverse level of skills, you are more likely to get a more successful marketing strategy as opposed to a single mind trying to find the best options for your business.

Is Facebook the right place to advertise?

But, even with all this knowledge you may still be wondering if Facebook is the right social platform to be marketing your business on.

According to Adzooma there are:

  • 7 million advertisers on Facebook
  • The average cost per click is $1.72 ( about R26.29)
  • Your average Facebook reach is 1.9 billion users

Knowing these statistics, can you afford not to advertise on Facebook?

Benefits to a business

The 6 biggest reasons a businesses use facebook are :

  • Content promotion. Facebook Ads not only allow you to promote your business or products but your content as well. So, if you are using a blog to gain your authority in your niche you could promote these as well.
  • You can target a specific audience based on your ideal client
  • Remarketing – Facebook is set up to target users who have previously engaged with your brand,sending them your Ads on their feed, which is a great way to remind them about your brand.
  • You can create different campaigns, allowing you to achieve your marketing goals. Whether this is higher engagement, growing your fan page, selling more product or having your content read by a wider audience .
  • Facebook marketing allows your client a more personal relationship with your brand as they are able to contact a real person via your fan page.

Final thought

As more businesses rely on online platforms and social media to grow their business and make more sales, you want to be ahead of your competitors. The best way to do this is use the skills of a good Facebook Ad Agency .

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