Are you thinking of starting a podcast? You should be listening to Dan Lok!

What is a podcast?

We have all stumbled upon a podcast, but what exactly is a podcast? More importantly, why are they good for your blog?

A podcast is a digital audio file that is available on the internet for you to download and listen to from your computer or mobile device.

Often, podcasts are available in series, breaking up longer bits of information into more bite-sized pieces.

Should my blog have a podcast?

Many businesses and blogs would benefit in today’s world by integrating a podcast into their blog.

With as busy as the world is, podcasts allow for a personal, time efficient way to deliver your message or information.

Listening to podcasts are great for busy individuals who would otherwise not have time to sit and read a blog or an article. For example, they are perfect for the busy parents on the go or even for a hustling businessperson wanting to catch up on the latest SEO tips while driving to work.

What are the benefits of podcasts?

There are several benefits to owning a good podcast:

● Podcasts are a personalized message to your target audience.
● Podcasts are audible, which gives you the ability to multitask as you listen.
● Podcasts are easy to consume as new podcasts are automatically downloaded to your computer as soon as you subscribe.
● Podcasts reduce the need for both emails and meetings and can easily be archived.
● Podcasts are portable. You can listen to a podcast anywhere. You can also download a podcast to an iPod or other media player and listen while offline.
● A podcast is an on-demand technology that allows you to listen to what you want to hear and when you want to hear it.
● Podcasts can assist with delivering your social media strategy.

Disadvantages of a Podcast

There are many advantages of having a podcast for your blog or business but there are also some disadvantages that you should consider:

● Accessibility. The files are often large and difficult for those with a slower internet connection to download.
● Hearing disabilities. Should someone with a hearing disability want to listen to your podcast, they will require a compatible player or need a written text.
● Unauthorized sharing. As podcasts are so readily available, they can be shared and copied without your consent. Podcasts should always be protected with a copyright.

Can you make money from a podcast?

Podcasts are a great low-cost way to optimize your blog, deliver your content in an easy to consume length.

They are also a way in which you could potentially earn an income.

According to, you can use your podcast to generate an income through:

● Affiliate marketing
● Sponsors and paid advertising
● Offering online courses
● Offering services/products that align with the content of your podcasts
● Coaching and consulting
● Crowdfunding such as
● Offering premium content to subscribers
● Hosting events
● Book sales (if your podcast is turned into a book)
● Paid public speaking

Great business podcasts

If podcasts are the new look for your business vision in 2021, it may be helpful to visit a successful and informative business podcast, like Dan Lok’s, to learn more about the type of content, style, and audience a podcast can relate to:

Dan Lok, also known as the Asian Dragon, is an investor, serial entrepreneur, TEDx keynote speaker, and bestselling author of over 12 books.


Just like a blog, your podcast will grow in popularity as you grow your audience. Anyone who keeps coming back to your podcast, clearly enjoys your style and your content. If you continue to produce good quality content that resonates with them, they will become loyal listeners.

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