Networking secrets from Bennet Schwartz

As a creative I often find myself wondering at the best way to network for my business to grow.

There are many online articles and a lot of advice out there but the best advice I’ve discovered, that speaks straight to the heart of a creative, is from a man called Bennet Schwartz.

Bennet Schwartz is a director and he knows full well the importance of networking with other professionals to grow his business.

By growing a network you will discover new talent, collaborate with creative indivisible and discover a rich diversity of brands and businesses to work with.

However it is not always easy to build these networks, especially of you are new to your creative niche.

Here are some tips from Bennet Schwartz on how to grow your creative career through networking.

The right places

You will not meet a passionate artist in a boardroom or at your local hangout. Change the spaces you find yourself in and start to frequent the areas of your interests. As an artist you may want to be at more exhibits, drama students should spend time at the theatre and there is nothing more valuable to a writer than a writing retreat.

The age old saying goes ….Attract what you are wanting. This starts by first bring in the right places for you to be seen and for opportunities to open.

Prepare your pitch

Do you know your elevator pitch? Can you describe what you do in 5 words?

Start by preparing a conversational line which describes you and your business. Include how what you do benefits others. Most people at events are there to network so opening with an intention allows them to automatically know if they wish to network with you further.

Visuals are important. Always carry along your business cards, flyers or portfolio. Leave people you connect with a manner in which to contact you again.

You need to be networking so make sure you have a pen and notebook on hand to take their details or keep their business cards. Follow your meeting with an email within the week to let them know that you enjoyed connecting with them, this will open a line of communication to collaborate.

Social networks

Social networking can be a powerful tool especially for creative as it gives you the ability to showcase your work.

LinkedIn is a powerful business tool and allows other professionals and businesses to get into contact with you. You can also use LinkedIn to find clients, colleagues, businesses and jobs.

Other options

Other options listed by Bennet Schwartz were local businesses and industry based organizations.

An organization may however expect you to join as a member but usually has several perks to you doing so.

For example invitations and passes to events, free webinars and training, socialization platforms and other opportunities to be recognized within your niche.


Networking is a great way to meet like minded people but networking in the wrong places will amount to nothing. Choose the spaces you network to allow them to bring you the most opportunities.

Know your business, prepare your pitch and never leave home without a business card or portfolio.

Use your social media Chanelle to your advantage and don’t overlook the local businesses and organisation’s around you.

With your talent, determination, persistence, skill and some social skills you can rise to the top with a network of creative beside you.

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