how to get your blog read by more people

How to get people to read your blog (Dos & Don’ts)

If any blogger – new or experienced, claims that they’re not constantly thinking of ways to increase their audience reach, they’re probably not telling the whole truth.

Many of you, undoubtedly, want to know how to get people to read your blog. It’s a lot simpler than it may seem! We’ve put together a list of dos and don’ts, and some simple tricks to increase your audience.

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How to get your blog noticed

The first step to how to get a blog noticed is to let people know you’re there! Many of us tend to create stunning content, and then keep it all to ourselves. It’s time to let the secret out.


Make sure you have all relevant social media platforms – Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter are great for bloggers.

Share your URL with EVERYONE. If your friends and family have questions or are curious about a topic you’ve written about, give them a link! Add it to your personal profiles, and everywhere else.

Network, follow, and support other bloggers. This is the best way to get your own blog noticed, and to become part of the blogging community.


Spend hours writing a blog post, publish and then – wait. The ‘write and they will read’ concept only works for really established websites.

Limit yourself. You need to share your blog as far as possible. At times we can be a bit shy, not wanting to share our work with those closest to us. But it’s important to get our of your comfort zone for your blog to be discovered.

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How to get your blog read

Ok so people can SEE your blog and all your lovingly created posts, but how do you keep them on the site and convince them to read?


Create CONSISTENT content, on your website and social media platforms.

Write QUALITY content. You can throw a few words onto the screen and hope that they make you a famous Insta influencer. But to really have your blog read by real and interesting people, you need to offer them real and interesting content.

Make sure your website is easy to use. Use internal linking to direct readers to other relevant posts, and create simple navigation.


Publish short, irrelevant, or incorrect content. Take the time to polish your posts before putting them out into the world.

Create orphan pages or blog posts – these are pages/posts that aren’t linked to the rest of the website. Always use your menu and internal links to keep your site navigation flowing.

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How to get traffic to your blog

You can share your posts with your inner circle as much as you like, there are only so many people that you know. The trick to getting traffic to your blog is to broaden your audience… and reach them where they are.


Share, share, and share some more! There’s an abundance of Facebook groups for bloggers, using your own blog’s social media pages, and share on your personal profiles. (Add your post sharing to your social media calendar to make things easier)

Learn some basic SEO for blogging. Using keywords and making sure your blogs are correctly structured for SEO will help bring traffic organically from search engines.

Guestpost. Guestposting for bloggers is priceless. Make sure the guestpost opportunity offers a link to your site.


Forget to make your site indexable – this will help with search engine traffic.

Publish without sharing.

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How to get people to follow your blog

Once you’ve managed to get your blog noticed, you’ll want to try and keep your new friends/fans/followers (call them what you may – they now love you!)


Have a clearly visible, simple to use sign up and create an email list.

Keep the conversation going – answer your readers’ comments on your blog posts.


Miss out on collecting your readers’ email addresses. There are tons of software options out there to help with this.

Spam your followers. Update them on new blog posts and exciting news, but try to keep emails relevant, and don’t send too many unnecessarily.

getting more people to read your blog


Do people still read blogs?

Infographics, videos, and other visual forms of content have become increasingly popular, there’s no doubt that there is still a large number of people reading good blog posts. This is evident in so many of the larger bloggers’ statistics – and we’ve no doubt you’ll soon see this for yourself.

Do you still read blogs? Have cracked the secret to getting your blog noticed and read by more people? Let us know in the comments below!

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