Digital platforms for real estate agencies

Digital platforms for real estate agencies

With the world changing so quickly after the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, many companies are looking at developing new streams of income and finding more ways to use their money in investments.

Most established companies and several startups have moved their business to a more digital space, understanding just how important a strong and professional online presence has become and this includes those in real estate.

Why use a digital platform for real estate?

More and moreover the last few months, within the property sector, we have seen the shift to zoom meetings, online viewings, property transactions, training for individuals and investment options, especially aimed at foreigners who are not able to travel currently but are still keen to invest in property outside of their country.

Forbes recently discussed the 5 ways in which real estate is currently adapting to the digital world.

These include: Real estate transactions able to be completed digitally, allowing for faster, more transparent transactions and lower costs.

Many real estate companies focus on one area in real estate, trying to establish themselves as experts in that field.

Other companies like Connected Investors, offer a more comprehensive and wider range of real estate services, focusing on all areas and establishing themselves as experts whilst offering an opportunity for an investor and those needing real estate services to build a relationship with one company and have all their needs attended to in one space.

The Connected Investors Review highlights more on this innovative company.

What are the benefits of a company offering an all in one digital service?

A large part of real estate success is knowing the right people, so a digital platform offering a space for these people to come together would most certainly benefit a real estate agency and open networking options to a wider, more diverse type of person.

An online space also opens the options to easier training, especially for companies that have agents in different provinces or countries and for real estate agents to learn from each other’s knowledge and experience.

This type of platform also offers an easier way for agents and investors to collaborate and partner on various projects and deals, big and small.

These platforms could also act as advisers on who to trust, whom to learn from, where to get advise, communities to join and offer more technical information like the best types of software to use for data capturing and transactions.

Real estate investors

Companies offering digital real estate are especially important for both the real estate investor and developer.

Real estate investing involves the sale, rental, purchasing, ownership and management of any real estate while real estate development refers to any building or improvement of real estate.

For both of these sectors, investor and developer, it is extremely important that they are able to have access the relevant information needed in order to make a conscious and educated decision on their property investment, development, sale, purchase, rental and management.

If these transactions cost less, are more transparent and speed up the final process of purchase or sale, an investor is able to invest more, flip their property faster and thereby generate a larger income to the real estate agency and their employees.

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