how much does it cost to start your blog?

Finance solutions : the cost of running a blog in 2020

As a blogger, have you ever wondered what the true cost of running your blog is? Many bloggers may tend to put off having their own website because they’re not really sure how much it costs to run a blog.

Depending on the type of blog you run will determine the amount of money you will need to spend running and maintaining it. But how do you determine what your blogging needs are and what financial solutions are needed to run your blog efficiently?

Free blogging services

Does blogging cost money? Not always.

If you are blogging for fun, you will be able to get most of your blog needs and training online free. From blog hosting with a free host, like WordPress or Wix, to using apps, plugins and scheduling tools.

Paid services (cost of running a blog professionally)

But if you are blogging for business or to build a serious and reputable site, you will need to invest in your blog. Far too many bloggers, refuse to invest in their efforts or to buy a Domain name. And then wonder why they are not taken seriously and why their blog shows no growth.

Other bloggers, however, do invest, sporadically, failing to track how much they have spent on their blog and in turn have no financial measure to track their Return of investment.

paid blogging service costs

Creating your blog Budget

The biggest question bloggers often ask is…

How much does it cost to grow a blog?”

The honest answer would be that there is no one size fits all budget. To find the cheapest way to start a blog, you’ll need to first create a personalised blogging budget.

Your budget will depend on :

  • Your goals
  • Available income
  • Skills
  • Comfort level

finance solutions for your blog

Types of bloggers

To simplify let’s take a look at 3 types of bloggers and the type of budget they will need.

1. Budget blogger

Blogs for fun and keeps all blogging costs to the bare minimum. This is how most of us started out.

Basic needs :

  • Laptop
  • Wifi
  • Free hosting platform
  • Social media platforms
  • Phone camera

creating a budget for blog costs

2. Hobby blogger-

Blogs with the intention to grow their blog but blogging is not their full-time job. They are keen to invest in their blogs sporadically. This is a good way to start building your blog.

Basic needs :

  • Laptop
  • Wifi
  • Domain name
  • Hosting platform
  • Social media platform
  • Phone camera
  • Good phone
  • Tripod
  • Security certificates
  • Custom logos and headers

blog-preneur hard at work

3. Blog-preneur

Blogs as a business and works on their blog full time. They invest in their blog for future growth and to see a ROI.

Basic needs:

  • Laptop
  • Wifi
  • Domain name
  • Hosting platform
  • Social media platform
  • Linkin profile
  • Business cards
  • Good quality camera
  • Tripod
  • Lightbox
  • Flatlay boards
  • Latest phone to work remotely
  • Microphone
  • Webcam
  • Upskill courses
  • Paid services like Shutterstock for images
  • Custom email and email service
  • Security certificates
  • Custom logos and headers
  • Professional photos on blog
  • Seo training
  • Blog audits

Additional needs: As a blog-preneur, your goal would be to earn an income through your blog. So creating high-quality content is vital. This may require you investing in some hardware to support your niche.

For example, if you are a food blogger you may need specialized lenses or lights to gain high-quality images. If you intend on vlogging you will need good microphones to ensure your sound is of high quality. If you decide to add a podcast, you will need specialized audio equipment, to deliver an amazing podcast to your followers.

cost of running a blog website

Summary of the cost of running a blog

As you can see, blogging financial needs and solutions very much rely on the type of blog you own and your visions for your blog. Which blogger are you? Do you have a blog budget? How do you control your blog costs? Let us know in the comments!

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