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Digital platforms for real estate agencies

With the world changing so quickly after the 2020 Coronavirus pandemic, many companies are looking at developing new streams of income and finding more ways to use their money in investments. Most established companies and several startups have moved their business to a more digital space, understanding just how important a strong and professional online …

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Understanding Data Quality Management

What is Data Quality Management? Data quality, according to Wikipedia, refers to the qualitative and quantitative bits of information that will correctly offer data for the intended use within operations, decision making and planning. This data then becomes of high quality if it correctly represents the real-world situations it operates in. As the number of …

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Credit cards and the Pandemic : How Neon funding can assist.

One of the topics on everyone’s lips right now as so many struggle to keep an income during the Covid-19 pandemic is finance. We have seen people take salary decreases of 30% to add to the solidarity fund, people trying to continue to pay workers forced to stay at home.M any unemployed trying to access …

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What is inventory optimization?

Businesses in the supply chain may already have heard of inventory optimization and implemented inventory management practices. But, what is Inventory optimization? Inventory optimization is a system used to source, store, and sell any inventory. This includes both the raw materials (components) and the finished goods (products). This allows a business to ensure they always …

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Understanding Scrum Master Certification – Who is it for?

Scrum is a framework designed for project management that assists Agile software development teams to work together and empathizes with teamwork, accountability, and iterative progress towards a well-defined goal. How does Scrum work? What is Scrum? The framework starts with the basics:- that which is seen and known. It then tracks progress and tweaks as …

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