About Us

Blog Boss began as a way to connect Bloggers around us. After noticing how competitive, and sometimes isolated, the South African blogging world could be, we decided to create a community 

One that would be for ALL bloggers. whether you have 10 followers or 10 000 followers – we want to connect with you. Lifestyles, Foodie, Mommy, and Fitness Bloggers alike.

We want this to be a space for learning, growing, and enjoying the passion which started us blogging in the first place

Going Forward.

Currently, we hold workshops and events in Cape Town, as this is where we are based. Our workshops are aimed at educating and empowering bloggers to further themselves and their blogs. Our events are a great place for Cape Town bloggers to meet, greet and (usually) eat! We laugh, we take selfies, and we network. We cannot wait to hear more about you, your blog, and your questions/ideas. Get in contact with us!


We'll assist with setting up your blogs and websites


Our workshops are aimed at bringing the community together and network among other bloggers


We’ll generate a sitemap for your site, submit it to search engine is and track.


Learn to create your own content and build your idententy

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